20. April 2012

Eindrücke aus Bournemouth #2

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If you stand still and listen, you may be able to hear a pin drop! Yep that’s how quiet it is in the Glendevon hotel, with all the students having left sunny Bournemouth. It’s still hard to come to terms with how the two weeks went past so quickly…how time does fly when you’re having fun with 77 ecstatic German students and an awesome IP crew.

The last week of the Easter holidays greeted the students with more exciting and challenging activities. The students got to have another nice lie in as there were no lessons on the Easter Monday. It was a shame about the weather though. Due to the pouring rain, the students could not go on their much anticipated open deck bus and ferry ride to Swanage. But that doesn’t mean all is gloom and doom, what better way to spend Easter Monday than having everyone together in the IP ocean watching the animated comedy ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’. Others decided to be more interactive and played card games against some of the supervisors. In the afternoon some of the budding musicians were given the chance to compose their own songs with Lluis. Who knows, perhaps IP could manage the next David Guetta? 😉

The sun did not peek through the showers one bit so what to do…it’s time for yet another quiz night. With pens at the ready, the teams competed through the topics covering celebrities, music and of course the brain puzzling general knowledge. The winning team was to await for their prize at the Farewell party.

The students managed to crawl out of bed the next day, back to an early start for English lessons at Europa. After lessons, everyone rushed to get some lunch before meeting at Glendevon for the second half day trip. With all the knights aboard, the coach left for Winchester to see King Arthur’s round table and the spectacular architecture of Winchester’s world-famous cathedral.
Dinner was a great surprise for Lara Katarina Kunf when Richard, the hotel manager, presented a chocolate birthday cake in front of her. It got the entire dining room singing happy birthday to her! A birthday in Bournemouth, that should certainly make it a memorable birthday.

The day concluded getting the students to prove their senses. In addition to touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing we also had students balancing an olive on a spoon in the moves whilst moving along a mini balance course. There were potatoes being passed around using necks, apples hanging off the ceiling trying to be eaten, herbs and spices getting sniffed and memory testing for those wanting to stimulate their brains a bit more.

Those who wanted to get on the dance floor got the chance to go to Lava Ignite’s Under 18s club again where some of the boys got lucky making new friends with the Bournemouth locals. Little did we know a triple date was to follow the next day.

On Wednesday the students were fired up all ready to go shoot some lasers in a game of Laser tag. Some students were daring enough to challenge the supervisors to battle against them. The teams geared up with a supervisor leading each team and the combats began. The almighty Laser Quest champions were supervisor Lluis’s team.
After all the running around and sweating, the guys definitely deserved a relaxing night roasting marshmallows around a barbeque fire on the beach. A couple of students even decided to cook themselves up a bacon sandwich on the BBQ, what geniuses! With students taking turns playing melodies on the guitar and singing, it was sure a great bonding session and a way to finish an exhausting day!

Thursday, the last activity-packed day for the students and they’re already enthusiastic to get their dancing shoes on for the farewell party! Europa was bustling with students all over the place. As we were coming to the closing of the holiday school, the IP crew decided dine out together for lunch at Bella Italia…mmmm yummy!! But had to quickly hurry back to get to the activities planned for 2pm. So let’s go play some sports on the beach for one last time! I think we had all heads present wanting to spend their Thursday afternoon for one last time at the beach together! How heart-warming!
All washed up, dressed and ready to roll on the dance floor. It was not only a chance to say farewell to our fellow peers, but also to celebrate two sweet girls, Franziska (turning 16) and Lara (turning 14).
The atmosphere was just electric when the girls were blindfolded with bats in their hands to whack out the candy from the piñata! Then like little 5 year olds, they all took to the floor trying to scavenge the sweets.
The night was topped off with the IP crew’s dance to Lady Marmalade…that’s right, you heard me right. You should have seen them move those hips of theirs!

So Friday, the day of departing tears 
Bus drivers came in from Germany nice and early, all checked in snoozing away.
Host families started dropping off their students in the morning and the residential students made their way down to breakfast with their luggage. The students had definitely been doing a lot of shopping considering how much bulkier their bags had got!

Lessons for the last time at Europa for everyone and teachers scribbling away their wonderful comments for the students. One of the teachers, Christine, quoted how she wished all her classes were like the ones she had over the past two weeks. Wow…were are students that amazing?
Collating up the final lot of photos from the camera to put together a presentation for the farewell meeting. I just hate the word farewell…really can bring out the water works.
Everyone crammed themselves into the IP Ocean to hear what our magnificent centre manager and supervisors had to say. The team awarded some of the students for their unusual talents. Awards were given for best card game player, best sniper, from lazer tag of course, the sweetest host family students, the bubbliest soul mates we’d ever come across and even crazy ones like for great communication with the British boys: ‘Cross-cultural competence’! The students were in hysterics, it was great fun!

The buses were due to depart at 6pm, so the students had the afternoon free to go shopping or catch a last glimpse of the golden beach. Surprisingly many settled on staying in the Ocean chatting to one another, exchanging photos, facebook details and so on.

And the time had come…what a hectic 30 minutes trying to get everyone’s luggage out of the jam packed hotel lounge. So after all the hugs and waves the buses were all set to drive off. Nooooo wait….what’s this!? Daniel aka ‘Dan the man’ cannot find his passport…what?! We turned his luggage inside out, tried to trace his steps to discover where he could have lost it. Then he called his host family…PHEWW!! Luckily it was in his drawer. What a nerve racking few moments of our lives! So the superb host family, as lovely as they are, drove all the way from Kinson through rush hour to make sure that boy got across to Germany with no further delay.
Ok…so I think we have the green lights now. Final waves of goodbyes again…and off they go!!

Even though this was a first for IP delivering a language holiday in Bournemouth over the Easter, it definitely proved to be a great success! I can defo see this continuing over the future years. Despite a couple of downfalls here and there, overall the students had an awesome time and the IP crew had a laugh too. Ok…now for to see what the damage is in the Ocean for Julia, Lluis and Thasha to clean up! 😉