22. Juli 2014

Chichester – Die (neue) Stadt der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten

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Während der Wochen, die Anna, Lothar und Tobias in Chichester verbracht haben, haben sie viel gelernt. Sie erzählen uns von ihren Erfahrungen mit anderen Nationalitäten, den Aktivitäten und dem Leben auf dem Campus.

Chichester market cross

Chichester Market Cross

 I had a great week at Chichester University with Offaehrte. I have met a lot of nice students and friends. I was the only one from Holland but I liked that because I had to speak English the whole time. I think I have improved my English a lot by speaking to the other students. The lessons surprised me because I had not expected that I would like it so much. I think I was in the right class and I liked my teacher Dave a lot. He is amazing. I liked the campus, we got a lot of free time so that is cool. Chichester and the beach are very nice. The activities were sometimes more for the younger students I think but they were fun. I liked the supervisors; they were always very nice and helpful. I only think that it would be more learningful for everyone if everybody, would speak English.

Thank you, supervisors and Offaehrte for the great time!

Anna, Niederlande





Lothar und Tobias in Chichester

We started from Frankfurt Germany at 2.30 pm and arrived at 4.30 am at Chichester University. We were able to join our rooms at 3 pm. The next days we had from 9 am to 12.30 am school, the lessons were very funny and we learned a lot. After lunch we often played football or did other activities like baseball. The night activities were really funny, like Book Maker, a game where two players play against each other and the other students have to bet who will win. After the activities we were hungry and ate a lot of the delicious food.

The only thing we found bad is that you only can take one big dish, for some of us it was not enough. The campus was big and you had many things to do, the staff members were very polite and very chilled. In groups of three you could leave the campus to go to the city and for the younger students was always a staff member ready to go with them.

It was a nice time here in Chichester and we want to come back again!

     Lothar und Tobias, Deutschland



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