7. August 2013

Sommer 2013 in Bremerhaven – Teil 3

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DSC004963rd week from 21st- 27th July 2013

The arrival of the new kids on Sunday was a little bit busy and one boy needed extra help at the train station. After that we had an amazing welcome night with them and nearly learned all new names.

On the next day, we had as always the testing day and this time it was quite challenging to sort the kids in the right classes. But in the end, we had two good groups selected and the first lessons started in time.

In the afternoon, we went to the Klimahaus and did the journey as always on Monday afternoon. The kids especially enjoyed the Antarctica part of the journey, because we had the whole week a fantastic warm summer.  The next day with the Alfred-Wegener Institut was good again and in the evening we had our outside activity. The favourite game of the kids was again wink murder.

This week we had our weather workshop again and the kids really enjoyed all the experiments to learn more about the weather itself.

Swimming on Thursday was lots of fun again and the kids enjoyed the quiz night afterwards. With a group of kids, who booked the EXEO-Workshop we also had a great afternoon, doing group activities to create better team spirit.

The Klimahaus on Friday was fun again and in the evening we had our Farewell Party and did the IP Dance.

The departure on Saturday was easy and after that we went to the Harbour Festival in Bremerhaven. The evening ended with some fantastic fireworks.