20. August 2014

Isabel und ihre Leidenschaft für Sprachreisen

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IMG_20140728_152003Isabel entschied sich auch dieses Jahr wieder für eine Sprachreise mit Offaehrte Sprachreisen- diesmal reiste sie nach Winchester. Es ist schon ihre 7. Sprachreise und sie wurde kein einziges mal enttäuscht. Einer der Hauptgründe warum sie sich immer wieder aufs Neue für Offaehrte entscheidet ist, dass sie jedes mal neue tolle Menschen kennen lernt – egal ob es Schüler aus der ganzen Welt oder Supervisor sind. Wichtig für sie ist, dass sie sich zu Hause fühlen kann, selbst wenn sie es nicht ist und genau dieses Gefühl hatte sie in Winchester…


IMG_20140728_152003This year was already the 7th time I joined with Offaehrte. As all the years before,the two weeks in Winchester were a great experience for me. Winchester is a town that is very old, but full of shops, cafes and sights-absolutely perfect for a trip and for learning English. The Offaehrte camp is located quite in the center of the town. I guess that’s why I really enjoyed going to town in the afternoon together with some friends I met here.

But I also really liked our afternoon activities. It was, at least in my opinion, something for everyone. You could either do some sports, for instance foot ball or volleyball, or be a bit more creative, for example in making dream catchers or designing Henna tattoos.
During those activities we were always in contact with our supervisors, for all great and very reliable people. You could nearly do anything with them, having fun was of course the most important thing but also when you had problems or just needed a hug you could come to them. The supervisors were one of the main reasons my stay here was so full of fun. Especially attending the TTT (time to talk), you really got the feeling that you can trust the supervisors and that they always listen to you. I really liked the TTT.

Mostly you were in one group with students you normally don’t have that much contact with. You were talking to them and got to know about their hobbies, their passions etc. Later in the evening we had an everyday changing activity. For instance we had the Olympic games, a movie night, or also a casino night. Actually every evening was special and full of fun for everyone.

Also the lessons were really special and mostly were fun. The first lessons were often connected with writing in our own workbook, learning to know British culture (Shakespeare) and learning more vocabularies. In lesson number 3 we basically worked and improved our speaking skills with the book of dialogs and discussions. The so called intensive courses were another lesson everyday for me but I actually quite enjoyed that. We had to work during the week on different kind of project (mostly posters and reports= and that was really nice. You, as a student, had to use your English a lot especially during the lessons and I think this stay really helped me to improve my English skills. I really have the feeling that my language knowledge became much better here also because there were people from many different countries. We had the Spanish who always were full of power and energy and who actually made you laugh all the time. The Italians who always loved to dance and really enjoyed talking as much (and sometimes is loud) as possible. Also we had the Russians who were a bit more relaxed but actually always in a good mood too. Even people from Bulgaria I’ve just met here.

IMG-20140727-WA0007I have learned from all those people many different things about their cultures and their countries. I am really glad I could have another great trip to England. I want to say thank you to all IP staff members here. You did a great job and I had another great trip in the UK. I wish you all the best for your future and that you please all stay exactly the way you are, because that is why we all had such an amazing time here.

I hope that next year I can have another wonderful trip again!