11. Juli 2011

Erste Impressionen aus Winchester, UK. Sommer-Sprachkurse für Schüler sind bereits gestartet

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Summary of the first impressions made by language school student, Winchester, UK

I have spent the last week at Winchester, where I have learnt a lot of things. In class we have done a debate about school uniforms and I like that the teachers were funny. We went to Bournemouth on Tuesday on a trip and saw the beach but the weather was not so good. In class we then did a project about Bournemouth.

In the afternoons I played football, basketball or frisbee with other students or went to town with friends. In the evening we had different activities, for example casino night, which I liked.

I have spoken a lot of English with people of other countries and improved my English so now I know some words and phrases I did not know before. I have learnt words from other languages like German, Italian and French and I have discovered something about these countries.

Informationen über unsere Schülersprachreisen in Winchester, England