12. August 2012

How to survive in Bournemouth

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Ein Artikel von unserer IP Reporterin Jorina

Naturally England is a lot different to Germany, France the Netherlands or Switzerland. I am going to tell you a story which shows what you can do wrong in Bournemouth and I can tell you it is more than you think. But don’t be scared it is just a surreal story with real situations in it.

A normal day in Bournemouth.
Like everyday I had to go to the school this morning. Unfortunately I slept a little bit too long so that I had to hurry to arrive on time at the refectory thereby I had enough time for eating. The way to the refectory isn’t that long but obviously long enough for me to nearly have an accident. I wanted to cross the road nearby a roundabout. I thought because of the roundabout there is only one way the cars can come from  but I hadn’t kept in mind in my hurry that here the cars drive left so I just looked in one direction before crossing the road and suddenly there was a car. Happily the drivers in England (accept for busses and taxis) pay a lot attention to the passengers and are very polite. They often stop so that you can cross the road. Distressed and with a little shock I arrived at the refectory.

When I wanted to give one of the crew my card for the meal I realized that I had it not with me. But the “friendly” crew told me I just have to ran and scream simultaneously through the cantine so that everyone would see that I forgot my card.

After breakfast I went to school. I went to the classroom where I had my class yesterday on Monday. I sat down in my seat as I realized that aren’t my classmates! The teacher asked me who I am and I told her my name. She said to me that I am in the wrong room because it’s Tuesday and that there are new classes because of the new arrivals. That sounded realistic and naturally I was the only one who didn’t think of that.

After school, Assembly and TTT I wanted to eat something. At first I thought about going to KFC® but like always it was full with people so I went to Subway. There were also a lot of people but I had not a great mind to go somewhere else. Sadly I forgot that Subway is popular for being fast in service. Of course I thought about which kind of Sub I wanted to have but they spoke that fast that it was really hard to understand them. Until that day it was no problem for me to understand the English because they pronounce every word a little bit exaggerated. Back to the point. Always when they ask me what I would like to have n my bread they had to repeat it because I was like WHAT DID YOU SAY!? When I lately arrived at the cash-box, I could see how I got on the nerves of the hasty people behind me and that they now were relieved. But I had to disappoint them because I had just small change and, I don’t know why but the value of a English coin hasn’t to do with how big it is, I  had to figure out the value of each coin plus I had to reckon ( not one of my greatest abilities).
When I went out of the store I realized that the weather changed. In the morning it was a beautiful day sun was shining and nearly no wind at all therefore I was putting shorter clothes on. I should have known that there is something wrong with it because well it is England. I decided to go back to the Purbeck House for changing my clothes in something appropriate. At the same moment I arrived at the house I remembered where my keys were namely in exactly that house. So I had to wait until someone would come across to open the door. Luckily for me there were some people who came from  lunch.

In the afternoon my friends decided to go to the beach (most of the clouds disappeared). I putted everything in my bag I needed for the beach. Like a towel, a good book and sun glasses. The Beach looked like everyday amazing. White, fine sand. We put our towels at the ground and began to play Volleyball. As we came back it was really hard to find our towels anymore because they were covered with all the beautiful white sand. That wasn’t a big deal we thought we could just shake the sand out of the towels. Afterwards we lay down and I had fallen asleep. When I woke up because my friends wanted to go I realized that the sand was just everywhere. On my body, in my hair and worst in my ears. While going home we were talking and I did not see the passenger so I ran into him. Although it was my fault he was apologizing and said it was HIS fault. Politeness is a fundamental value of English people. They say sorry for everything even if they don’t mean it. Its just something you do. But for me as a German I did not know what to say you cant say: “Oh that is no problem” cause of course its not a problem because it was your fault. So I said just the same.
As you can see there can happen a lot. But normally they don’t happen on one day or none of these things will happen to you if you are careful and good prepared for England. My own experience is that at first many things here seems to be different but after staying here a few days it’s normal and it’s really easy to have a great time here in Bournemouth.