29. August 2012

Interview mit Supervisor in Teignmouth

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Unser IP Reporter Felix (12 Jahre) interviewte während seines Aufenthalts in teignmouth Paloma!

I’m Felix and I’m here with Paloma in Teignmouth, she’s supervising the table tennis tournament. Let’s start the interview…

Felix: Who are you?
Paloma: I’m Paloma, a super visor at Teignmouth and I’m from Spain.
F: What do you like doing here?
P: I like playing games with the kids and making them have a good time.
F: Why are you here?
P: I love summer camps and working with children.
F: What languages do you speak?
P: Spanish, English and French
F: Where do you live?
P: I live in Brussels.
F: Can you tell me anything about International Projects?
P: Like what kind of thing?
F: Like what do you do here?
P: We plan the programme for every day and make it happen and take care of the children.
F: Thanks for the interview Paloma, it was nice talking to you.
P: You’re very welcome