25. Juli 2013

Sommer 2013 in Bremerhaven – Teil 1

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DSC00014The set-up of the centre was quite relaxed; the kids arrived on the Sunday with their parents. The parents really liked the welcome lounge and used the time to ask everything about the camp and other IP destinations.
At the first evening we played a lot of ice-breaker games and the favourite game of the kids: Werewolf.

Our afternoons were already settled and so we enjoyed our journey through the Klimahaus, learned things about Alfred Wegner and his research and created our own weather forecast. They kids really loved the trip to the swimming pool.

The testing day was good and we only had to change the group for one kid on the second day.
The kids played a lot of football before the evening activities started and their favourite days were the quiz night and the movie night.
On the departure day everything was good, except from one parent who forgot to pick up their kid. After they arrived in the late afternoon, all kids went safe back home.