28. Juli 2013

Sommer 2013 in Bremerhaven – Teil 2

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DSC00337The arrival of the new kids on Sunday was calm and we had an amazing welcome night with them. We just figured that easy games as fruit salad can be quite dangerous, if students are not able to sit on chairs. The Chinese whispering as the last game was quite funny, because we passed German sentences and they were hard to pronounce for Charlton and Annie.

On the next day, we had as always the testing day and in the end, we had two good groups selected and the first lessons started in time.

In the afternoon, we went to the Klimahaus and did the journey. The kids especially enjoyed the Antarctica part of the journey. The next day with the Alfred-Wegener Institut was good again and in the evening we had the football match and a hand massage workshop.

Swimming on Wednesday was lots of fun again and the kids enjoyed the quiz night afterwards.
The next day, we did a mudflat hiking tour and the reactions of the kids were quite different, some loved it and some really didn´t like it.
The Klimahaus on Friday was fun again and the departure on Saturday was easy.