18. Juli 2013

Impressionen aus Oberwesel – Sommer 2013

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DSCN0390_2The first week was a blast! Although also incredibly tough due to the fact of having one member of staff less since three hours before kids started arriving.

Our awesome SU Eli did a great job, and every one of the teachers was amazing too.

Some of the best activities were the night quiz on Monday night, the two excursions (Tüdesheim and Koblenz) and of course the medieval games and the bonfire night with Günter on Thursday. The intercultural show was a success on Friday night, since we had so many and so varied cultures in the camp last week.

There were homesickness, doctor incidents and other unexpected situations too, of course, but in the end everything was worked out and everyone had a great time!

More next week!


Mireia and the awesome Oberwesel team