29. April 2013

Kleine Einblicke in eine Sprachreise nach Bournemouth

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11-bournemouth-beach-ßAuch unsere Sprachschüler in Bournemouth haben wir gebeten, kurze Reviews über ihre Eindrücke und Erlebnisse zu schreiben. Hier bekommt ihr einen kleinen Ausschnitt von zahlreichen und herzlichen Erfahrungsberichten, natürlich auf Englisch!

The time in Bournemouth was nice. The people from IP were very friendly and I had lots of fun with my group. The town Bournemouth is really beautiful, the beach and the little garden were an inspiration for me. The weather in the last two weeks was okay: it was windy, it was rainy and it was actually snowing, but nevertheless the sun was shining.

The trips to London, Winchester and Salisbury were interesting. London is a beautiful town. Winchester and Salisbury are little towns in South England.

I found friends from many places in Germany and had fun with them in beautiful Bournemouth.

The lessons in the morning were interesting and informing. The teacher was funny and very friendly.

I spent two wonderful weeks in Bournemouth. I stayed in a hostfamily, which was really nice. The people in Bournemouth were very friendly and the lessons were good and interesting so that I also improved my English.

I think that Bournemouth is a really great city and the weather was always good but cold. Sometimes we were at the beach, but there it was colder than in the city. The other people of the organization were nice and friendly and we had a lot of fun. In our free time we visited Bournemouth and the many shops there.

I really liked the trip to Bournemouth and I want to come back some day.


First of all I have to say that I really enjoyed this trip to Bournemouth. I have been here for two weeks and now I want to stay here because I met a lot of new friends. Moreover the town is great!

There are a lot of different things which you can do. We did a lot of shopping and also some trips. The best trip was of course the trip to London.

However, Winchester and Salisbury are also very nice places.

In addition to that Bournemouth has a beautiful beach. During the whole trip we have had a lot of fun and it was one of the best trips in my life because I knew a lot of new people, who I want to meet again. I am sure I want to visit Bournemouth a second time!

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