23. August 2011

Letzte Woche vor der Schließung der Sommerschule in Exeter war einfach SUPER

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My stay in Exeter was very nice. I like the landscape around the city. It is very beautiful. We spend lots of time in the city.

I enjoyed being here without my parents. The camp has allowed me to meet lots of new people and get new friends. The conversation with other people is very good.

Furthermore, I like the excursions. They were well organised and cool. We had a surprise excursion to Dawlish.  It was so nice there. The food was good, but always the same. There are lots of activities to choose from but you do not have to go to these things. At the end of the week there is an Open Stage. Everyone is involved in some way.
The tennis and volleyball courts were cool and school was ok.  I learned some new things.

Informationen über unsere Jugendsprachreisen nach Exeter