3. Dezember 2012

More than a language – Mein Sommer in Bournemouth

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Ein Artikel von Leon, der im Sommer  in Bournemouth war

My name is Leon, I come from the south of Germany and I am 16 years old. I started to learn English when I was 9 years old. I went to England in order to improve my English language skills.

The lessons were interesting most of the time, but there were also some days which were not very exciting which I think is normal. The teacher just spoke English so we were not able to speak to him in German. We learned to handle speaking with English people. The whole lessons were in English and we weren’t allowed to speak German because it would not have helped us to further improve our English. A negative aspect was that the classroom wasn’t that big.
The Activities were fun. One activity was an amazing challenge: we had to ask strangers about some facts of the city and take pictures with people from different countries. This exercise was fun and we learned how to start a conversation with English people. Our trip to London was very exciting and we learned a lot about different aspects of the city. I was told that I absolutely have to see Westminster Abbey and it was amazing. The organisation was perfect and we were never bored in our spare time. It was too bad that the weather was so changeable and stoped us from going to Swanage.
Our host family was very friendly and hospitable and we learned a lot about the English culture. A highlight was the tasty Sunday roast, which is a typical family meal on Sundays. Unfortunately we spent a lot of time on the bus or waiting for the bus to the centre of Bournemouth.
I like to meet new people which was easily possible on this trip. It took a long time to get to England which however wasn’t too bad since it gave us time to get to know each other. Thanks to this trip I am now able and confident enough to start a conversation in English with people I have never met before.