31. August 2012

My English teacher – Interview

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Das Interview führte unsere IP Reporterin Maret, die 2 Wochen in Exeter war.

I did my first Interview as IP-Reporter in Exeter with my main teacher Elaine.

Me: Hello Elaine, where are you coming from?
Elaine: I were born in Lyndhurst in southern England. But afterwards I lived in London for a long time and also for a while in Australia, South Africa and in Spain. I came to Exeter 12 years ago.
Me: What is your job here in Exeter?
Elaine: I am summer teacher since…I have to think…1986. I really enjoy teaching students from other countries in English. I have been teacher in other language schools before but here on the St. Luke’s Campus it is my best summer so far.
Me: What are you doing when there aren’t summer holidays?
Elaine: I work in an University, helping students who have difficulties with learning. For example blind students. I teach study skills and how to learn correct.
Me: What do you think about learning English generally?
Elaine: I think learning English is nowadays really important because of its internationality. Young people have to speak English to get good job opportunities especially in Europe. But I think this could be changed in the future. Maybe Chinese will be the next global language.
Me: Which languages do you speak except of English?
Elaine: Except of English I also speak Spanish because I lived there for a time and I’m learning French but it’s quite difficult.
Me: Do you like your mother tongue?
Elaine: Yes, I like it. But English can be really frustrating because there are many words which sound the same but have a different meaning!
Me: Do you like Exeter?
Elaine: I moved here from London twelve years ago. I like the nearness of Exeter to the sea and also to Dartmoor. Both places are very beautiful. Nevertheless I miss the cultural things like they are in London. But it becomes better and more cultural in the last years.
Me: Where is your favourite place in Exeter or nearby?
Elaine: This question really depends on the weather. My favourite place in good weather is in Topsham at the sea. There you can go for a walk or meet friends and go into a café. If the weather is bad I like to go to the art cinema Phoenix.
Me: Okay these were all my questions. Thank you for the interview and have a nice day.
Elaine: Thank you too.