8. August 2012

My experiences in Bournemouth

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Ein Beitrag unserer IP Reporterin Jorina

The first day
The journey begins now. It is a beautiful day. Sun is shining over 30 degrees. And we all wait to finally start our vacation. We get in the bus seeing all those other young people as excited as ourselves. In the beginning of the journey it is silent but in the following hours we began to talk. Trying to find out who of them are the ones you get to know in the following weeks. The talking and laughing with these friendly and open minded people made it easier for us to sit in the bus for nearly 20 hours.
More or less relaxed we arrived at our goal: Bournemouth. After a short introduction by the helpfully IP Team we got all the information we needed. With the distribution of the apartments we get to know our room-mates: With them and the other youngsters we discovered Bournemouth. Naturally the Team guided us and showed us the great beach with the white sand and we saw the big pier.
Even at the first day we could see that we will have a great time in Bournemouth with new relationships and we are excited to find friends also from other countries.

The Free Day

After lunch we had the full day free! Some went to go shopping. Mainly at Primark a sheep, good cleaned up store which is very big and with clothes of high quality…. yeah sure 😀
But besides Primark there is a extended variety of different stores in the city of Bournemouth. It was a really beautiful day therefore some of us also went to the beach. Unfortunately the water was too cold to go swimming even the “brave” boys who actually stand everything without wailing could not bring themselves to go in the cold water. Okay you have to admit that it was windy but still.
Others who did not know much about Bournemouth and wanted to find out more and to discover it took part in the” Bournemouth Challenge”.

Monday the first
For the first time we went to school. We had to get up early because it was necessary that we were on time at the college so that we could find our group. We got numbers and with the other members we went into our classes and had done the test. We get our evaluation tomorrow and we will find out with which people we have our classes. We were first scared that the test would be too hard but it was not. Of course there were questions which you had to think over it a second or even a third time but the atmosphere was relaxed so that you could answer the questions in the pretended time.
After finishing the test we began to speak with our group mates. Asking them where there from, which hobbies they got and what their favourite school subject is. We also learned more about Bournemouth like where we can go in our free time besides the beach and the city. I think we know now more about this town than about our hometown 
The previous thing we had done was the assembly TTT (time to talk). It was really full. The complete main hall was crowded with people from different countries because yesterday there arrived a lot of new people. There were some from Spain, France, Switzerland, the  Netherlands, Germany of course and the most extended group was from China. It was like an invasion because the first day there were no Chinese people and then suddenly everywhere you looked you saw them. Kind of funny thing. 

In the afternoon you could choose between two options what you would like  to do. On the one hand you could make your own postcards. A really good idea because of course nearly everyone wants to send some postcards from this beautiful town but if you make your own ones its more personal, something individual. Friends and family always just get a postcard that can everybody buy at a store but if you send your own I think they will be very glad and happy about it. The students in the workshop got white postcards and could embellish them with glitter, pictures, pens and a lot of other things. Furthermore it was a good way to get to know the others better and a good opportunity to talk to them.
On the other hand you could participate at the Salsa Workshop. We learned how to dance salsa and I really hope, that I have also at home the opportunity to use my new knowledge in dancing. Furthermore it was a lot of fun and I would recommend it to everyone!
Everyone stood excited up this morning because finally we could find out our classes and with which people we get in one course. Many were disappointed as they read that they were not in the same class as their friends but it was obvious that after the first lesson the most of them were happy with their classes. Firstly because the teachers are absolutely friendly and secondly because through the classes you get in contact with new people and you recognize that they won’t bite you when you talk to them.
Then after school we went to the assembly and the TTT. We got new information and the crew told us what we can do this afternoon and in the evening.
Either you could go to the workshop:” Get a new makeover” where you could indulge your face with crèmes and well surprise, surprise get a new make over. Or to the sportive alternative: “Volleyball @the beach”. Although it was windy it was very giggly. The crew animated us that good that you just wanted that not you as one but your team wins against the other ones. A really great group-feeling!
And in the end it some ran into the cold water of the North Sea! They said it was not that cold but I do not believe them 
In the evening many of us went to the V-Club. It was a great location. An old church. You do not find this in Germany. It was awkward and full of people and we all had a lot of fun though we were there just 2 hours. You could dance on the dance floor or just chill with your friends in the lounges which were above the floor so that you could also see the other dancing from above. A really successful day!