11. August 2012

My first days in Winchester

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Ein Beitrag unserer IP Reporterin Gina

Last Friday my language holiday to the great city of Winchester has started. I took the bus at half past 1 and the trip began. We were really excited and the journey was pretty relaxed, but exhausting as well, because I travelled by bus for round about 17 hours. On our arrival we all were very tired and after getting the keys for our rooms we first of all slept to catch up on the sleep we lost the night before. After that we had breakfast in the IP Ocean Lounge and in the afternoon a programme consisting of different workshops and offers was organised. Some other guys and me decided to do the Town Walk to explore Winchester. It is such a wonderful city with fantastic houses and shops and it is really worth it having seen this city once. Subsequently a “Welcome Meeting” took place and we got to know all the other students from Germany as well as the students from the other countries (Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, France and Azerbaijan).
On Sunday I went together with some other girls to the city centre of Winchester to do some shopping. We had a lots of fun and were already worrying about our money, because we were afraid of being broke when we return to Germany.
Monday -the first real day of the language trip- started with the grading test to find out about our English knowledge. Furthermore we had some lessons which were pretty funny and interesting, due to the fact that the teachers set great store by speaking English and not only on writing it. Afterwards we had the idea to go to the city centre again to relax in one of the cafes there. Downtown it was very nice and we were keen on the typical british houses. In the evening there was a competition between the boys and the girls and both teams had the chance to prove themselves. Finally the girls won and after that everybody was dancing and just having fun.
On Tuesday the trip to the small but wonderful city Salisbury took place. The journey took round about 45 minutes and after our arrival we walked to the cathedral of Salisbury which was actually impressive and breathtaking. Thereupon we visited the cathedral’s shop and bought some souvenirs to remember the nice city of Salisbury. In the evening there was the “IP Fashion Week” and there was just a fantastic atmosphere and temper on the Campus.
I think it is really awesome that students from all over the world meet here in Winchester to improve their English skills and to experience the English culture.
By now I have experienced a wonderful and great time in Winchester and I hope that I will be able to enjoy the rest of my stay in England either. But for now I am looking forward to the trip to Bournemouth next week and the trip to London on Saturday, because both are cities I have always wished to visit once.
Kind regards,
your IP Reporter Gina