18. August 2012

Report – The end of my trip to Winchester comes closer

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Ein Artikel unserer IP Reporterin Gina

Now I am here in Winchester for more than 1 week!
The time passes that quickly and I have already experienced so much.
Last Thursday we first had lessons –like every day except the weekend- and in the afternoon some guys did a half-day trip to Portsmouth and in the evening there was Karaoke. Thursday was also the day the lists for the day trips to London and Brighton were hung out and we could enter if we wanted to participate. My friends and me obligatory wanted to go to London! Due to the fact that London is very popular, it was a big fight to enter his name into the list, but actually it was quite funny and we got a place to take part.
On Friday there was the “London Preparation” which was essential to find the way around London. In the evening the “Black and White Party” took place and so we had to come dressed up with clothes coloured black and white, like the name already says.
On Saturday new students from Germany arrived. It was also the day we were looking forward to most, owing to the fact that it was the day the “London Trip” took place. That’s why we were pretty excited and in a good mood. The trip began at 9:30 am and the journey by bus took us almost 2 hours. We had such a luck with the weather, it was really sunny! After our arrival we primarily did a tour through London and visited the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and more. Furthermore you could really feel the Olympic Feeling in London, there was music everywhere and in front of the Buckingham Palace there even took an Olympic discipline place. This was really amazing! Furthermore we had some leisure time in order to go shopping or to do  some sightseeing. Some girls and me went to the Oxford Street and after asking many people for the way we finally arrived there. We had only 2 hours free time which was undoubtedly to less time, due to the fact that London is a very big and multicultural  mega city with a lot of things to explore. Nevertheless we had lots of fun, but the best thing was as we took a taxi to come back to our meeting point,  because otherwise we would have come much too late. After that we walked to the bus and we headed home to Wincheser. Even though I have already seen London once in the past, it was a great experience for me which will be always in my memory.
Along the way back to Winchester all students were pretty tired and exhausted and we were glad as we got something to eat in the Food Hall in Winchester.
On Sunday we attended the workshop “Costumize T-Shirts” and we created our own shirts in order to remember our fantastic time in Winchester.
On Monday a “Quiz Night” took place in the evening which was actually quite funny and interesting. Questions concerning the sections music, sports, celebrities and general knowledge were asked and eventually my team even won. 🙂
On Tuesday our last half-day trip to Bournemouth was pending which started directly after lunch.  As we arrived we were extremely delighted with the wonderful city of Bournemouth and its breathtaking beach. The entire seaside was full of people and everywhere was just a great temper. First of all we visited the city centre of Bournemouth and after that we relaxed on the beach listening to the sound of sea and enjoying the sun. After a while we unfortunately had to drive back to Winchester, although I  rather would have liked to stay in Bournemouth for one further day.
All in all I can say that my language holiday in Winchester have been an awesome adventure for me that I will never forget! I have learned a lot, English skills as well as experiences.
Thank you!
Best wishes,
your IP Reporter Gina