29. Juli 2012

Second Report written by Lara in Chichester

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Ein Beitrag unserer IP Reporterin Lara

After 7 days of lessons in English, here’s my second report in that language. For those of you, who also read my last report: I have new shoes, without any wholes! They’re only a bit small. We watched “The pursuit of happiness” last Thursday. I’ve known the movie before and it’s such a sad story. But I like it anyway. Do you know the word “nightcheck”? It means that the supervisors come to the houses at night, to check if everybody is in his right building. And they are checking this by knocking on each door to have a look if there is a person from another house in your building. It is a bit annoying. Have I already told you that the food is… bad? Breakfast is the best meal of the day (with eggs, muesli, toast…), but dinner is horrible. They always serve us the same food (especially something in tomato sauce).Furthermore the staff should clean the rooms every Friday. Maybe they cleaned them… but not mine -.- I complained about it 3 times, but it’s still not tidy (today  it’s Wednesday!)
On Saturday some good friends left the campus and several new students (from Russia and Germany) arrived. During the weekend we went two times to Chichester. There are many chocolate/ sweets shops and we went into one shop, where you can try different dips. Some people sell doughnuts and hot-dogs on the street and today I warmed up a flatbread, I bought in the city, in our microwave (I didn’t recognize that we have one). I also bought “Galaxy hot-chocolate”. Galaxy is a famous chocolate here and I love it! And now I also have cocoa from this brand.
The weather is much better now (sunny, warm and the rain has stopped), so we went to a beach on Monday. On the Internet they are describing the way to beach with 20 minutes. That’s a lie! We needed 50 minutes, because you have to walk to Chichester first, then catch a bus and finally another few minutes of walking. But I have to say that the time on the beach was wonderful. Warm enough to swim and relaxing on the sand is always great.
This is my last report, so I hope you liked reading them. Each of us will go home with his own interesting, funny or exciting story. We visited unknown places, made new friends and went shopping. We also took a lot of photos to remember the time we had and to show the guys at home how the time was.

Thanks for an amazing time
Love Lara

PS About the meals and the room cleaning – the staff in Chichester will write a short article about it soon 🙂 !