9. August 2012

The first days in Bournemouth

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Ein Artikel unserer IP Reporterin Nora
Excited because of the two weeks which we will stay in Bournemouth, no one was talking at the beginning of the journey. But after some hours in the bus, the conversations  became really intensive. Near Aachen we had to switch the busses so that everyone sits in the bus bringing us to the right town. In our case -> Bournemouth.
After arriving we got a short introduction from the ip-team how we will find the important buildings like the cantine or the collage. Furthermore  we got our keys for the apartments which are shared for 3-5 person, went through them and get to know our room-mates. With them and the other travel members  we discovered Bournemouth after some free-time which was used to sleep because we all had some backlog demand ;D
In the evening two friendly crew-girls showed us the beach where we fade away the first long but nice holiday
On Sunday we had just free-time, which some of us  spent on the beach. That was really nice because it was sunny and we became sun-tanned. After the first warm meal in the evening a small group played carts and go to the beach and on the pier. It was still warm. Others take part in the “Bournemouth Challenge”, so  they went through Bournemouth and had to answers questions and solve problems.
Monday was our first school day. At the beginning we had to go into the main hall and looked for our classrooms on some papers. After  getting everyone in the right room,(which wasn’t that easy as it seems :p)  we had to do a small test for finding out which students have the same level in English for the allotment in the classes. Everybody was very anxious for the results. In the afternoon we’ve split up into two groups. One group, including me, went to the Salsa-Workshop. It was really funny, I just can recommend it to you. The other group made their own postcards, mean they got a white card and be creative with pens, glitter and other tinker stuff.
It’s Tuesday, so the results were there !! So it was the first day in our class for the next weeks. The lessons are interesting if  you’re in the right level, because some students tell me they feel undercharged.  But that is no problem, you can change the course every time.  After school much members played volleyball at the beach. That was very funny !
Other  students went to Winchester as a half-day trip and learn things about the town and went shopping in the small boutiques.  In the evening we went to the V-club. The location was very cool, because the club is an old church. First it was a little bit strange to dance and celebrate in a church but after a while you forget it and the tune was amazing !! Although it ends at 10 pm, the evening was really cool and funny !
Today, so Wednesday, the program after school is learning how to play poker. In the evening you could use your new knowledge about poker in the Las Vegas night.