20. Juli 2012

Trip to London

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Ein Beitrag unseres IP Reporters Felix

A trip to London was included in the trips on offer. Two groups and two teachers went to London at 6.45am. We were given breakfast packets for the bus. There were two busses, so one group went in one bus and the other group in the other bus. The trip to London took about 5 hours, some people slept on the bus, but most kids were talking.
Our bus drove along The Thames; we saw a lot of ships and when we arrived at The Tate museum, the weather was bad. When the two groups met we went together on a walking photo tour.
We saw the London Eye. Here is a Photo that shows the grey sky and the London Eye.

Then we saw Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

With us came the sun and the weather was a little bit better for the rest of our day. We then went to Horse Guard Parade and saw the guards of the queen. They have to stay all day in the same position and everyone takes photos and talks to them.

After we saw the horse guards, we went to Trafalgar square. We were split into two smaller groups and our group walked around the streets. We saw a lot of shops and bought souvenirs and gifts for our families.

One group went shopping in Oxford Street and another group walked to see Buckingham Palace. At 16:15pm we all met at Trafalgar Square and walked back to the Tate Museum to meet the coaches. On the trip back to Teignmouth, most people slept and everyone dreamt of the nice day we had.
We also stopped at the airport and new kids from Germany came with us on the bus. At 11pm we arrived back at Trinity School, we then went to our rooms and slept very well.