14. Januar 2015

Veronikas unvergesslicher Aufenthalt in Augsburg

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augsburg1-225x300Seine Englischkenntnisse verbessern und das ohne ins Ausland zu fahren. Unmöglich? Nicht in Augsburg! Veronika verbrachte dieses Jahr dort ihre Sommerferien und besuchte einen Sprachkurs. Sie erzählt uns in ihrem Bericht von Ausflügen, Aktivitäten und Abenden, die sie mit ihren neuen Freunden vebrachte. Eine Sprachreise machen ist nämlich viel mehr als „nur“ Englisch lernen wie sie festgestellt hat. Ihre neuen Erfahrungen halfen ihr auch über das frühe Aufstehen hinweg und durch die Zeit mit Leuten aus verschiedenen Ländern, lernte sie viele Dinge für die Zukunft. Ein Sommer fürs Leben – genau das hat Veronika erlebt.

Before I report about the trip to Augsburg in general, I have to explain why I went to Augsburg. Last year I had in subject English as grade a four, in order to be this year better, I knew that I have to change something. I went there to have fun with guys in the same age like me and to collect experience. The week in Augsburg took place in the first week of the summer holidays. Thus I knew that my sister was already on a trip from offaehrte in London, my parents and I found it also good to go on such a trip. However I did not had in this time a friend who would like to go with me on this trip. So we inform us if there was another solution. In consequence we found this trip to Augsburg. My parents and I liked it and still like the place Augsburg, as it is not far away from my hometown like London or other cities, the way to Augsburg was very comfortable and you learn so many things like you were in English spoken cities like London.

augsburg1First of all I was very nervous when I get to the hotel of Augsburg, where the others and I lived and also had lessons to learn a language better. Despite I had to wait very long to get to the reception of the hole agenda, as at that time when I came there mostly every person from this week came then, my recording was nice, because there was already a career who was lovely to the other families and me. In addition she also had something to drink, so the time flew quickly away. At the evening of the day we came to that hotel, I saw at the first time everybody who enjoy with me this week. As we were in this week many kids, the careers and teachers made two groups in which we played a little bit to become friends. Afterwards we changed the groups in order to get to know the others. It was very funny, as many names were really different, so it was hard to know the names after a short time.

It was very hard at the next and first morning to get up, as it was in the holidays, but in general 7:30 was okay. The breakfast of the hotel was in grain size. Nevertheless I was afraid of the test we had to ride, so that the teachers can the kids, who want to learn English and who were many, share in groups of achievement. As a result there was a group, the kids in there were good, one the kids were better and one the kids were the best. I was in the group who was better. Basically the test was simple, because there were two experiences. At the first we had to ride something about ourselves and at the second exercise there were phrases we had to fill the correct grammar in it.

augsburg2At the first afternoon everyone of this week walk with the most important career at the beginning though the city and at the end we had time to buy something in a big shopping mall. At the evening of the first day we find us to go in city, there we make in groups different kind of photos, for instance funny photo. So from Monday to Thursday we make the same things.
At the morning we have to get up and to dress us up.

Afterwards we had breakfast, there everybody was very tired and almost did not say nothing. For me the meal was good, because I have not any allergy against something. Then we went in our different groups to learn about our language and to be better in it, there were also groups to learn French, Spanish and German. In my group where the kids learn English, we look an English spoken film, made grammar exercises, looked what we made wrong in our test and also spoke a lot of English with the career who came from Great Britain. The teachers who learn us English came from England and the ones who learn the kids French came from France, so that the teaching of them was very good and helpful, so you really could learn something.
After lunch everybody came at the entrance, so we could make a little trip. So at Monday we visit the city, at Tuesday we made sport, at Wednesday we went in the Zoo and at Thursday we could swim in a swimming pool a little bit outside from Augsburg, as the weather was good.The time at the trips was really funny, as you were never alone and you could have every time with the others. Every time of these days we came to dinner, so were hungry.

augsburg3One time there something that I could not eat, I get the solution without meat and despite I did not order it in the application.
After dinner we had time for us, so we could take a shower. We also met boys and girls from other rooms and had together fun or just talk a little bit. At the evenings we either had free time, met everybody in the party room to see a movie or went to an event in the city, for example at Wednesday we went at a festival in the city, where we could eat something. At Friday we were at Ulm. It is a city we had to take the train to come there. We had mostly the whole day to go shopping there. At Saturday we visited an old and important castle of South- Germany. We were there with a big bus, which takes us to the place we want to. At the last evening we found us in the party room to see the photos from the first evening, to get our certifications and to make man selfies and party.

To sum up I can really say that this week in Augsburg was pleasure for me because I’ve learned many thing more for my life. As many little kids were there I also learn to take responsibility and have also fun despite I have to learn something.