17. August 2011

Warum mag Anja die Sprachschule in Chichester, England?

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Hey!  I am spending two weeks here in Chichester!  I really like this town because you can go shopping in some great shops like “New Look”, “H&M”, “Accessorize” and “Iceland”.  The town centre is close to the Bishop Otter campus so that you can go there every day and you don’t have to walk far.  The beach, West Wittering, is also close to Chichester.  You just have to take a bus and then you travel about 20 minutes.  West Wittering is a lovely beach with great sand and clear water.

The trips to London and Brighton are highlights.  Both are really fantastic cities where you can go shopping.  You can also go to the famous pier in Brighton.  There are many attractions which you can try for a little money.

The people are very, very nice here in Chichester.  The ip crew is always friendly and help you when you have a problem or if you don’t feel good.  The teachers are also very friendly.  They help you when you don’t understand anything in class.  They always make their lessons really interesting and exciting!

I am really having a good time in Chichester!

Informationen über die Jugendsprachreisen nach Chichester