2. August 2014

Was du unbedingt über Exmouth wissen solltest!

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A very nice view of exmouth beachIn diesen vier tollen Erfahrungsberichten von interessierten Schülern erfährst du warum du dich für eine Sprachreise nach Exmouth entscheiden solltest. Wie sind meine Gasteltern? Wie sind die Leute im Center? Und was gibt es für Ausflüge? Auf diese und andere bedeutenden Fragen wirst du hier eine Antwort erhalten!


I´ve arrived here just a couple of days ago but I already like this city and the IP Centre! Exmouth is a really pretty city, the shops are cute (I prefer food shops) and the people are really nice and ready to help you if you´re lost or if you just need help. I also like Exmouth´s beach very much, it´s very big and you can do a lot of activities, for example yesterday we did a game there with IP. About IP´s activities, I have done one afternoon activitiy and the others were during the evening. I really liked them, especially the quiz night. We also visited Exeter and it has been a really good trip, it´s a really beautiful city and I hope we will go there again. It´s all very good, my host family is very lovely and I like to talk to them when I´m not in the IP centre. I am really enjoying my stay here in Exmouth!

Ilaria,  Italien


Exmouth town centre

One of the trips which I liked the most was the one to Dartmoor. I liked it so much because the view was beautiful, and the landscape fascinating. The green hills with huge and high amount of stones with woods all around were amazing and the weather was very nice. At Exmouth we did a lot of activities like going to the beach, go to the bowling, go shopping, walking through the seafront, and each day we did something different. With IP Staff I took part to a great variety of fun activities such as volleyball tournament, black and white party, original games and quizzes, and other workshops. My host family is made up of a single old woman called Sarah. She is very kind, friendly and nice. I am very happy with her and in her home.

Fernando, Spanien


Delicious, roasting marshmallows

In these day I´m in Exmouth, England with IP. My host family is really kind. It´s composed by parents, three daughters, one dog and two cats and with me there are also another Italian boy, a Spanish boy and two Germans. I like my host family´s life style so much, because they always look happy. During the night we go home quite late, because we have done lots of activities with IP. We have visited a nice town where the sea was beautiful. We stayed also in Exmouth and sometimes we go to the beach and play some funny games or we played volleyball and football. I like to go around Exmouth and visiting new places. One of my favourite cities is Bath. I liked it so much and probably we are going there on Saturday.

Sofia, Italien


Dartmoor Exmouth is great! You can walk through the centre, there are little shops, and most of them are second hand shops. I really like second hand shops because everything is so cheap! There are also cafes everywhere, you can enjoy a delicious English breakfast or a drink. The Strand of Exmouth (the main square) is very beautiful and nice. The people are kind and friendly, if you say “Hello” they say “Hello” back to you all the times. In the evening the town gets even more beautiful, you can watch the stunning sun sets at the beach and have a bbq at the beach of just listen to music. Exmouth is a cute little town where kind people live and I really enjoyed my stay here.

Lily, Deutschland


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