31. Juli 2012

Welcome to Exmouth

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Ein Artikel unserer IP Reporterin Laura

The second part of my time in Exmouth was much more fun than the first.
The weather changed and we had over 20 °C.
At Saturday the new students from Germany arrived. The students from Spain and some from Germany went back home. A big part of the group who had already been a week at Exmouth went to London. Some as a full day trip and some as an over-night trip. The people who stayed at Exmouth had free time. I went to Exeter. The ticket to get there and return costs only £3.90. When you arrive at the central station your already in the “shopping-centre”.
The weather at Sunday was so great that we went swimming at the beach. There are many things to do at the Beach. You can play volleyball, eat something, go swimming or go to the fun fair (until the 27.8.12). The swimming is a little bit complicated because only a small part of the beach is for swimming and this part is nearly at the end of the beach.
At Monday we made friendship Bracelets at the beach. At the workshop we first had new contact to the new people. At in the evening we had the welcome party with the theme “Black&White”. So we dressed up and went to the community college. But this time the party started with games to know each other. And after it we danced.
At Wednesday we made our own movie which we will present at Friday at the IP Oscers.
Hope it will be fun.